Do you want the "real" fish you caught
preserved as a trophy?
We use the complete "original" skin, including all fins,
head, & teeth.
"The Real Deal" - Trophy
There is "nothing wrong" with keeping a few fish to eat or have mounted in a lifetime!
Catch and release seasons - size & bag limits protect the species. If you keep any  fish to
eat, let us clean them (boneless) for the skin.  
Don't waste the skins! We can use
them, due to freezer spoilage,  catch and release, and (fish of a lifetime)  fish caught out
of season or in years past. We also need extra skins for students and other taxidermists.
Catch and release fishermen only - go to reproductions and replicas.
Don't waste the fish skins !
Fresh Northern Pike, Unskinned.
Mounts in process . . .
Finished Smallmouth bass mount
All mounts require airbrush painting
to restore coloration.
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Larry's Taxidermy & N.E. School
721 Park Street
Ogdensburg, N.Y. 13669
Each specimen gets a code number
attached to it throughout the process
Larry's own unique hollow mounting procedure allows any pose desired. Straight,
reverse, or S-curve action. This gives you a variety in the look of your fish mounts.
We use strong fin backing to protect the fins from being
broken after it is mounted.

Shrinkage areas are built up with epoxies before painting.