Game Heads
Reproduction Artificial Antler Shoulder Mounts
Real Antler Shoulder Mounts
12 pt. Chaumont Buck - Largest N.Y.S. Buck in 1976 B.C 177 typ.
180° adjustable angle mounts
For more about Interchangeable antlers and angle brackets, go
to Mount Choices and Unique ideas
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Larry's Taxidermy & N.E. School
721 Park Street
Ogdensburg, N.Y. 13669
Interchangeable Antlers
Use your antlers for head Mt, antler Mt. or Rattling.
Huge six pointer
Full Sneak Mounts
Turner Buck 144.6
B & C TYP. 12 ptr.
147 B & C Typ. 5th Place
Public Television Contest 1984
Upright Full Shoulder Mounts
Semi - Sneak
Straight Upright
Preserve that trophy of a lifetime.
Have it mounted the way you want it.
Be sure to legally tag your game.
Don't let it sit around in a plastic bag or in warm temperatures. Dress it out promptly and don't cut
the throat. Do not drag on bare or rough ground as the hair will get burned or rubbed off. Place a
heavy tarp or something under the animal.
Go to -Field Care-  and -Unmounted Specimens Bought and Sold- for more information on
how to care for and skin your trophy and to sell us the skins.
If you want us to skin or remove the cape, call for appointment. If you don't mount your trophy we
will buy the cape and return the antlers. We will also do an antler mount very cheap (sometimes
free) for your cape. We also buy bear and some other mammal skins.
Open mouth and special
poses available.
Don't waste the cape or skin. The bigger the animals
weight and body size, the more we will pay. Sometimes we
can use the complete skin including the legs. We need extra
skins for others that are damaged or spoiled. Also, for old
mounts to be redone. Call me for information.
Quickly switch and swing the mounts for a different look if desired.
For Sale
go to Special
Products &
Supplies Sold
We are an official scorer for the N.Y.S. Big Buck Club.
This is a non-profit organization that keeps records &
publishes a record book every 2 years for N.Y.S.  White Tail
Antlers (Typical and Non-typical) & Black Bear Skulls
If you take a huge buck or bear call us or contact the club at:

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