Reproductions, Replicas, and
Some reasons for these artificial art products
of natures creatures are :
Catch and Release, multiple pieces, quality,
longivity,  and commercial purposes.
Reproductions - real casts off of real specimens (exact copies). They are made
of synthetic materials (fiberglass, plastics, epoxies, etc.)
Some reproductions are made because  the real skins are not suitable for
regular taxidermy, due to oils, unstable skin, or other problems.
Replicas -  casts made from molds of sculpted or carved artistic models.
These could be actual size or any size; any prehistoric or modern day species.
Unfinished cast from the mold
18 lb. Large mouth bass. Past world record
Catch and Release is great conservation & leaves more fish that can grow
to trophy size. Some sportsmen & governments believe & set aside
certain bodies of water for catch & release fishing only.
If you caught a fish trophy in years past and released it, ate it, or it
spoiled, etc. We can get you most species, close to your fish's size & paint
it to look like what you caught. A photo helps but is not necessary.

Although a "repro" is not the real deal, it is actually a better piece of art.
It usually has better details throughout. The piece will last more years
than a skin mount & is easier to wash and clean. It will cost more than a
skin mount. If you want an exact or several reproductions of your actual
fish it can be done but is costly.
If this is desired, wrap it in plastic, then wet cloth & freeze solid. (DO NOT
World's smallest muskie
Repro antlers before & after
Saltwater reproductions
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Artic Grayling
Fish Silhouettes - artistic cut outs made of sheet metal, thin wood paneling
material, or fiber board. Artistically painted to resemble a real fish. Available in actual size
of state and world record game fish. To read and see more, go to -Artwork Sold- page.
Silhouettes - made to original size
N.Y.S. Record Brook  Trout
World Record 55lb. Northern Pike
To see more pictures and read about my Silhouettes go to -Artwork Sold- Page
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